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Chrono-Ernährung Schweiz - Dr. med. Tatjana Somborski



Losing weight and staying slim is easy! Not many people know how to use their internal biological clock to affect metabolism, what foods their own digestion has problems processing, and how to enjoy weight loss without counting calories! !

This nutrition program from Dr. Ana Gifing, physician in anti-aging, combines the latest knowledge in the field of nutritional physiology, endocrinology, biochemistry, molecular biology and biophysics.


This program is unique because it helps everyone achieve both their ideal weight and optimal health - regardless of whether their body weight is too high or too low. For people who are already at an optimal weight, it is used to help permanently maintain this weight.


Chrono-Nutrition by Dr. Gifing allows full enjoyment. This program is suitable for daily use and does not involve counting calories, weighing food or putting a limit on the amount of food you eat.


The program does not work by restricting food; it works using a completely different principle! The diet is based first and foremost on the internal biological clock, while also taking into account the glycemic index of foods and acid-base balance. This means that it is possible to eat high-calorie foods in desired amounts - provided certain restriction rules are observed.


The advantage of the Chrono-Nutrition program is that the so-called yo-yo effect (weight loss followed by weight gain) is avoided and metabolic disorders can be permanently corrected.


To achieve good and lasting results, it is also important to detoxify the liver and protect the pancreas against metabolic fluctuations (insulin release!). This is promoted with a personalized combination of vitamins and antioxidants, herbal remedies, minerals and amino acids.


Whether man or woman, young or old, this high quality slimming and nutrition program has benefited more than 60,000 patients.
Would you benefit from this vital program as well? Then sign up today!



Chrono-Nutrition is a branch of medicine that deals with what we eat to live in accordance with the natural rhythms of our hormone and enzyme production. Simply put, this means that each person needs certain foods at certain times to produce as much energy as possible while minimizing waste.


Our metabolism comes from the distant past, during a time where there were no fast sugars and less slow sugars (cereals, etc.) available for the human diet in comparison to today. Anthropologists have calculated that humanity has lived more than 150,000 generations without these so-called fast sugars in our diet.


Over the past 6 generations, our nutritional habits have changed dramatically: Within a short period of time, we have changed from a low-sugar diet to a diet containing excessive amounts of sugars (cakes, ice cream, sweets, finished products, juices, etc.). This inevitably leads to overload of a sensitive pancreas, and as a result a reduction or loss of its function. Those who suffer from insulin resistance have a tendency to gain weight.


The frequent intake of sweets accelerates the aging process of both brain and body. Wrinkles on a face are always noticeable, but every internal organ, especially the brain, is also affected! This includes premature dementia.

Numerous studies made in recent years increasingly suggest that coronary heart disease is not necessarily related to cholesterol. It is rather suggested that the inflammatory processes that form plaques or deposits in our blood vessels are a result of excessive sugar consumption. Scientists all over the world warn against the catastrophic consequences of the current and alarmingly high sugar enjoyment.


The Chrono-Nutrition program by Dr. Gifing is a combination of the latest scientific findings and is clearly different from similar diet programs that are especially known in the French-speaking world (Dr. Alain Delabos). The only common denominator is the internal biological clock.


The Chrono-Nutrition program by Dr. Ana Gifing, physician in anti-aging, is not solely about effective weight loss, but also a diet for HEALTHY and INVIGORATING WEIGHT CONTROL and retaining youth. Therefore, even underweight people can benefit from it.

This doctor-accompanied program is not based on calorie counting and weighing food, but rather on completely different principles that are crucial for holistic health:


  • Relief of the pancreas (Glycemic index, glycemic load)

  • Balancing pH in the body (An acidified organism is susceptible to numerous "lifestyle diseases") ·

  • Optimizing digestion and gut health (See food intolerances, avoiding poorly digestible food combinations)

  • Adding personalized dietary supplements (Such as vitamins, minerals, herbal supplements for liver regeneration, etc.).


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