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Andreas T., taxi driver (37)

Chrono-Ernährung Schweiz, Symbolbild

I worked 14 hours a day. Needless to say, I was sitting all the time and lived on fast food. My initial weight was 134 kg. I moaned and complained constantly. A customer once recommended Chrono-Nutrition to me, so I signed up for an examination. She told me that it was possible to return to a normal weight without any trouble.

After 5 months, I am now a different person. I have not only changed physically, but also mentally.

If I am driving overweight clients, I tell him about my experience and hand them a business card to the practice. I feel sorry for anybody who struggles with their weight, because it is so easy to change it.

I gave up my old eating habits completely and there is nothing that could tempt me to return to those habits again. Today I eat everything I like and as much as I want. The superfluous kilos have disappeared and my real body has appeared. My whole family now also eats according to the chrono-nutritional program. We are all excited.

I am eternally grateful for this taxi customer!

All statements are checked to be real and medically true. For privacy reasons and medical confidentiality requirements, patient names have been changed. This also applies to the photos. Unless otherwise stated, all images are representational.

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