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Bruno S. (42), lost 114 kg!

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Up until two years ago, I was called an obese person. Few people knew that I was diabetic and that I had to take statins - my cholesterol was over 9, my triglycerides were over 7. Even with medication, I could not improve my values.

When I say I was overweight, I mean it. I weighed 187 kilos - with a body height of 177 cm.

However, these values ​​were only measured a few years ago when I had the opportunity to go to an institution in which my cousin works. Only there could I measure these values, as they had a scale that was suitable for large weights.

Several times I had to go to the hospital due to heart problems and high blood pressure, yet I did nothing to reduce my weight. It took my sister a long time to convince me to visit Dr. Gifing.

During the examination with Dr. Gifing, it was determined that I weighed 196 kilos. At the same time, they measured my blood pressure, since they had devices with large enough cuffs. It was very hard to learn that my blood pressure was at 190/125.

I said to myself, “Okay, I'll go now,” in hopes of finally being healthier and slimmer. I even convinced myself that I could eventually decrease the daily medications that I needed.

In fact, in less than three months, I was able to get rid of the medications. Even though I had secretly always hoped for it, I never thought it would be possible!

I took the prescribed nutritional supplements and lost 8.2 kg of fat mass in the first month. I distinctly remember the results. Everything was as it should be.

Since then, I've lost 114 kg! My skin does not sag. In the abdominal area, I do have too much skin, but I will solve that with surgery. But perhaps that will not be necessary because the skin amazingly tightens itself slowly. I have my looks and all eating habits have changed completely. I do not take medications anymore and I no longer have diabetes.

I have never felt so good. I am full of energy. For the first time ever, I am adding sports into my life…I bought the equipment, a bag and nice sneakers. I visit the gym and feel like a normal person.

All statements are checked to be real and medically true. For privacy reasons and medical confidentiality requirements, patient names have been changed. This also applies to the photos. Unless otherwise stated, all images are representational.

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