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Mariann K., anxious mother

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I brought my twelve year old son to the Dr. Gifing Center. At the first examination, he weighed 98 kilos. After the doctor’s recommendation, we proceeded with further analysis, which showed that he had diabetes and a high value of transaminases (aminotransferases). It was further noted that he had a fatty liver.

Although we as parents have always fought with him about his weight, we were now concerned more than ever after viewing the results. The friend who recommended us to Dr. Gifing’s nutrition center said that this is the best method of disease prevention.

With tears in my eyes, I told my friend that no one in our extended family had this disease and that I hardly believed in prevention, since our son was already sick and need medication.

My girlfriend gave me the advice to wait a few days and to be patient and to not transfer my nervousness on to my son. Our son was put on a diet plan. Dr. Gifing also prescribed some dietary supplements.

We had to go for a check-up every week. After three weeks, the laboratory results were remarkably good and our son had already lost 5.2 kilos of fat.

After a few months, all laboratory values ​​normalized. We were very relieved. Our son’s liver is undamaged, even by diabetes. We have changed all his bad eating habits. Our view of everyday life has also changed. We are very happy!

All statements are checked to be real and medically true. For privacy reasons and medical confidentiality requirements, patient names have been changed. This also applies to the photos. Unless otherwise stated, all images are representational.

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