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Luka S., lost 67 kg!

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I came to the Dr. Gifing Center with a weight of 155 kilos. I was 34 years old and felt horrible - I don’t have any other words to explain it.

The most difficult things for me to discuss are my stomach and chest area - but since this survey is anonymous, it is easier for me to talk about. My breasts contained so much fat that they were as large as those of a woman. However, since I was never with a woman, I did not know exactly how "gross" my breasts actually were - I probably had a bra size of 85 or 90 (US/UK size 38 or 40). I had sagging breasts, a belly as big as a balloon, nothing very masculine-looking (which I could only see in the mirror when I raised my belly with both arms).

My friends and my sister got me into the Dr. Gifing Center. I at first believed that I was a particularly serious case. But within the first few minutes in the waiting room, I realized that I was not so special. I saw photos of patients as well as patients themselves who were sitting in the waiting room.

All were very nice and open and told me about their problems. I had to hear these stories myself to prove that not everything in life is fake.

I received a particular plan that included dietary supplements with the aim to clean the liver, to speed up metabolism and to lower cholesterol.

Within one month I lost 7.8 kilos. This continued for months. My fat deposits melted away while my muscles simultaneously became stronger.

The change from an insecure, fat (impotent) person to a normal, lean, muscular man only took 14 months. At the medical center, they also recommended a natural hormone that incredibly accelerated and improved my progress.

The last check-up took place three months ago. When the scale was zeroed and the number 88 appeared, the result was perfect. I do not understand how a lot of medical results are determined, but the scale was zeroed and the number 88 was there!!! Nothing else interested me.

I feel so good. I see things like never before in my life. I live, I'm in love with a very sweet, kind young woman and the problems with my breasts and my decreased masculinity are gone.

I do not know who I want to thank first! Probably my sister and friends and then Dr. Gifing. There is no particular order, I give all my thanks to each at the same time!

All statements are checked to be real and medically true. For privacy reasons and medical confidentiality requirements, patient names have been changed. This also applies to the photos. Unless otherwise stated, all images are representational.

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