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Pia S. (44), project manager

Pia S. mit Familie

I unfortunately gained a lot of weight during my 2 pregnancies. For about 4 years now, I have been unable to remove this weight. Despite various attempts at dieting, sports and careful nutrition, the pounds just won’t budge!

Through some acquaintances, I learned about the Chrono-Nutrition diet offered by Dr. Tatjana Somborski in Zurich. Having medical supervision, testing for food intolerances with bioresonance and breaks between meals spoke to me and were convincing factors. But: would it really work for me?

I have been following the diet plan for almost 4 weeks now. To my surprise, I never really feel hungry. I could eat as much as I wanted - without weighing food and without counting calories or points. The only important factor was that I stick to the 5.5-hour meal break. My body quickly readjusted. I now eat a full breakfast and lunch, and generally a bit less in the evening. But I never go to bed hungry.

So far, I have lost 5 kilos. All without loss of muscle mass; only pure fat. And to my amazement, I lost it differently than before – a little bit all over, where it was necessary. My pants and my blouses fit me better; soon I'll have to buy new clothes!

With this recent success, I stay motivated and on top of things - I am convinced that I will make it this time.

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