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Irina J. (42), architect

Chrono-Ernährung Schweiz Symbolbild

Since my wedding and my two pregnancies, I have carried around an extra 10 kg more than I should. I have tried some diet methods, but because of the yo-yo effect, it often didn't take long to come back on.

The constant feeling of hunger or weighing everything always put me off. It was clear that I just could not do it.

Recently I met Dr. Tatjana Somborski, who told me about the Chrono-Nutrition and her own experience with it. I was excited and full of motivation to make a fresh start!

I started this new diet 4.5 weeks ago and have already lost 4 kg! I have not felt this healthy since my wedding!

The 5.5-hour break between meals is good for my body. The feeling of hunger is gone. Thanks to Dr. Gifing's method, I am no longer tired during work. I have more energy than ever before.

Due to my high workload and my family, I have little time to actively pursue fitness. Nevertheless, my muscle mass has increased.

I feel wonderful and healthy. That is why I am convinced that I have finally found the right diet that works for me and with which I can once again achieve my dream weight.

Thank you for the support and motivation, Dr. Somborski!

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