Daniel M. (56) had heart problems

Since I was 45 years old, I have suffered from elevated blood pressure, high cholesterol and triglyceride levels, ​​and I was overweight. My wife was a patient of Dr. Gifing and said that I should also visit. As I previously tried so many useless things (i.e. drugs and programs), I was always hesitant to visit. However, my situation got worse - I had problems with my heart and joint swelling. I went there with the usual expectations for an examination in my mind. I thought I would receive some general tips, have my blood pressure measured, and that I would then get a diet plan, which I would stick to for only a few days, since I'm not interested in diets. All in all, I assumed that this woul

Ivana S. - married her dream man

At 23, I drove from my little town in southern Serbia to Germany. I had received a job there through relatives. I worked 16 hours a day, sometimes even more. I was never thin, but rather "robust." More so in my arms and waist, and less so in my legs. At age 17, I already weighed 79-80 kilos, which is quite a lot for my height at 167 cm. For years I had placed little value on my appearance. It was only until the moment that I first met my husband. To me, it was always more important that I worked so that I could send my parents and younger sisters money and gifts so that they could live a more relaxed life. In 2009, I met "Mr. Right." A nice young man was hired at the company where I worked.

Guido S., sports trainer

II have followed the work of the Dr. Gifing Center; not only through the media, but most of all through the results of many athletes who started the program. Although I graduated from University having studied sports and gathered much experience in training both here and abroad, I have found that I had little knowledge and experience with respect to a basic rule for success in sports - namely when it comes to the right nutrition. I had several conversations with doctors and the nutritionist team at the Dr. Gifing Center. After extensive diagnostic investigation, I began to apply the nutrition program to my athletes. The following results occurred: 20% more stamina, 18% more power, 22% more s

Luka S., lost 67 kg!

I came to the Dr. Gifing Center with a weight of 155 kilos. I was 34 years old and felt horrible - I don’t have any other words to explain it. The most difficult things for me to discuss are my stomach and chest area - but since this survey is anonymous, it is easier for me to talk about. My breasts contained so much fat that they were as large as those of a woman. However, since I was never with a woman, I did not know exactly how "gross" my breasts actually were - I probably had a bra size of 85 or 90 (US/UK size 38 or 40). I had sagging breasts, a belly as big as a balloon, nothing very masculine-looking (which I could only see in the mirror when I raised my belly with both arms). My frie

Mariann K., anxious mother

I brought my twelve year old son to the Dr. Gifing Center. At the first examination, he weighed 98 kilos. After the doctor’s recommendation, we proceeded with further analysis, which showed that he had diabetes and a high value of transaminases (aminotransferases). It was further noted that he had a fatty liver. Although we as parents have always fought with him about his weight, we were now concerned more than ever after viewing the results. The friend who recommended us to Dr. Gifing’s nutrition center said that this is the best method of disease prevention. With tears in my eyes, I told my friend that no one in our extended family had this disease and that I hardly believed in prevention,

Bruno S. (42), lost 114 kg!

Up until two years ago, I was called an obese person. Few people knew that I was diabetic and that I had to take statins - my cholesterol was over 9, my triglycerides were over 7. Even with medication, I could not improve my values. When I say I was overweight, I mean it. I weighed 187 kilos - with a body height of 177 cm. However, these values ​​were only measured a few years ago when I had the opportunity to go to an institution in which my cousin works. Only there could I measure these values, as they had a scale that was suitable for large weights. Several times I had to go to the hospital due to heart problems and high blood pressure, yet I did nothing to reduce my weight. It took my si

Andreas T., taxi driver (37)

I worked 14 hours a day. Needless to say, I was sitting all the time and lived on fast food. My initial weight was 134 kg. I moaned and complained constantly. A customer once recommended Chrono-Nutrition to me, so I signed up for an examination. She told me that it was possible to return to a normal weight without any trouble. After 5 months, I am now a different person. I have not only changed physically, but also mentally. If I am driving overweight clients, I tell him about my experience and hand them a business card to the practice. I feel sorry for anybody who struggles with their weight, because it is so easy to change it. I gave up my old eating habits completely and there is nothing


Here you can read how Chrono-Nutrition has helped other people to lose weight and improve their health.

All statements are genuine. For privacy reasons and medical confidentiality requirements, patient names have been changed. This also applies to the photos. Unless otherwise stated, all images are representational.

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